1st Epi Belan Wali Bahu 15 January 2018 Written Episode Roopa Kills Laddo

Belan Wali Bahu Episode 1 15 January 2018 Written Episode 1, Written Update on

Scene 1

Voiceover says couples are made in paradise and they live till endlessness.. it looks great hearing as it were.

One man says spouses have no comical inclination, in the event that you joke about bovines, they ponder him. Spouse says their jokes are old like them.

One spouse says to his better half that he doesnt take a gander at me any longer. spouse says you wear old free garments and think its mold.

One spouse says I cannot endure her for 7 minutes, leave 7 births. Spouse says you used to guarantee huge things previously marriage and now this…

All couples in family are battling. Voiceover says you know something awful will occur in a house that you cannot consider? In 1953, Raj Mahal was fabricated, it was worked close railroad station. At the point when prepare passesby, house shakes up. In Raj mahal,

pooja for death commemoration is going to happen yet prepare goes by so entire house begins shaking, all relatives hold things down so they overwhelm.. prepare clears out. Prem Lata(Laddo’s mom) says to Prem Nath(Laddo’s dad) that this house is so thin.. Prem Nath says it was made by specialists of Taj mahal who didnt have hands. Dadaji(Laddo’s grandpa) holds Suzzi(dada’s medical caretaker), Suzzi requests that he hold his significant other’s photo, he says she doesnt require it. Pot falls over laddo(main male character). Laddo says something dependably fall on my head, dada says you get irate like your dadi. Laddo’s bhabhi says lets take selfie with broken pot, she takes it. Laddo says all are insane here, my sibling is suspended SP and his better half is continually taking selfie however I have turned out to be insane on account of my significant other Roopa, she has shaken me up.

Belan Wali Bahu Episode 1 15th January 2018,Roopa(main female character) is working in kitchen. Family takes a seat for peace service of dead spouse of Laddo, cleric is taking a gander at Suzzi’s short dress, Prem Lata reprimands him and requests that Roopa bring kheer. Roopa brings kheer compartment however it slips from her hands and falls on countenances of all relatives, Laddo’s face is shrouded in kheer. Laddo says she is my better half. Minister says whose peace function we are doing? Laddo says she was my better half and kicked the bucket, and now this Roopa will execute me,

In their room, Roopa says I am sad. Laddo says you tossed kheer a year ago as well, Roopa says no it was halwa. Laddo confront palms and says I saw your shenanigans on marriage night as it were. Flashback indicates marriage night of Roopa and Laddo, she brings two drain glasses for Laddo, he says why two? she says imagine a scenario where one tumbles down. he says imagine a scenario in which the two tumbles down. she demonstrates him third glass and says I have kept third one covered up.. he is dazed. All of a sudden enrichment falls over bed.. Roopa grins and says its hint of something better over the horizon as well. Laddo is dazed. Flashback closes. Laddo is cleaning his face, Roopa says let me clean it, she takes towel and rubs all over, more kheer from towel stalls out all over, he is shocked and says I tidied everything up and you did this.. He asks where are my shoes? she says I knew you would chasten me so I concealed it? he says what? I will go to office without shoes.. She says then leave other shoe too which is in your pack, I thought in the event that you wore one shoe then other you could discover in your sack, he says you are behind me like clingy young lady.. Roopa says I am sad.. she tries to hold his shirt yet it tears.. he is paralyzed and says allow me to sit unbothered, he fits and clears out. Roopa says to Lord that I didnt need to do it, I am worn out on doing dumb errors as well, particularly today as its our marriage commemoration, all recall his first spouse’s passing service however not our marriage, commemoration, he didnt even wish me.

Laddo is leaving for office. Lata requests that he take ashirwad, she gives him ashirwad and slaps his face.. she says now ashirwad will stay inside you till long, Laddo shakes his head and takes off. Suzzi gets dada’s wheelchair relax, Lata says dont know when this Suzzi will kick the bucket, Dada says abandon her, Suzzi approaches Dada to take prescription for his quality, Lata takes it from her and says he doesnt require it, Dada and Suzzi takes off. Ramnath says Dada got nurture when he had heart assault 7 years back, I am not feeling great, I ought to get nurture as well, Lata frowns at him, he asks where is kheer? Lata says Roopa slipped everything ceaselessly, that young lady doesnt know anything, she places salt in tea.. takes phenyl as drain..

Roopa’s telephone rings, she discovers it. Its Laddo’s call, he says today is great day for us, please make ajwain parathas, Roopa gets cheerful and says affirm I will make them. Laddo’s representative says we got great request, would you be able to give motivating force? Laddo gives him 10rs, we have scented agarbatti store.

Roopa is searchin for ajwain in kitchen, Ramnath eats it from bump, Roopa sees its wrapped up. Ramnath requests that her bring more from advertise. Roopa supposes he requested something after such a significant number of days, I need to make it.

Roopa comes to neighbor and says do you have ajwain? she says I swear I would have given my jewel jewelry on the off chance that you asked yet I dont have it.

Roopa comes to shop and requests ajwai, businessperson says ants ate it, you go to shopping center and take from that point.

Roopa comes to market to purchase ajwain.. she erroneously tosses things frame rack and says too bad. Ropa finds ajwain on top rack.. she bounces on it and takes ajwain.. be that as it may, all bundles tumble from rack.. she tumbles down as well. Security comes there, she says sorry, security says its alright, clear out. Roopa takes ajwain and tries to pay for it however there is long queue at money counter. Roopa’s telephone rings, she opens pack stash yet cash tumbles from it.. one criminal sees cash tumbling from her. Roopa gets cash and puts in pack. She sees Laddo calling, she takes it, he says I am leaving office and returning home.. cheat grabs her pack and tries to run.. she yells my ajwain.. hoodlum tosses flour at her and tries to run however she tosses peas in his way.. he tumbles down and security gets him.. Roopa says this pack have ajwain and you endeavored to take it? Cheat says I am sad, I am not a criminal, today is my wedding commemoration and I need to take my significant other out for supper. Roopa feels awful and gives him cash, she says take your significant other to decent eatery, all applaud her, Roopa clears out

Laddo comes to wine shop and purchases huge container. He begins his auto and hits one bicycle, biker says Laddo I wont save you, dont know how your significant other bears you.

Roopa is in rickshaw.. she reviews a few minutes when Roopa fouled up and Laddo administered to her, how she once erroneously tossed water on him rather than on auto however he took a gander at her and set up her bindi, how she consumed sustenance yet he ate it. How once a cockroach came in their room and Laddo began shouting more than her. Roopa grins reviewing it. Laddo calls her and says I am getting back home, there is ice there? she says yes, he closes call. Roopa says he is returning home

Scene 2

Laddo achieves home. He runs in house with an episode. Roopa touches base there, neighbor says he is by all accounts in awful mind-set. Roopa bounces in kitchen from window. Laddo shouts to her and inquires as to whether parathas are made? she says give me 10 minutes? Roopa says I will make beat for everybody first. She begins cooking. She takes a gander at balen.. she reviews her mom saying that balen is the most critical thing in marriage, make roundabout roties and those will keep your significant other in affection with you. Roopa ties fortunate and holy string on balen and says God please let me make round parathas today. She makes round parathas and begins cooking. She makes great parathas and grins. She takes them and begins going to Laddo. She comes in their room and gives him parathas, she says ajwain parathas, they are you top pick. Laddo drinks wine and says thank you for making them round, he eats them and says salt is less. Roopa gets dismal and reviews how Laddo dependably say something is less in her tea, sustenance, how her cerebrum is less, how her training is less, how her certainty is less, there is continually something less.. she breakdowns and leaves from that point.

Roopa comes in kitchen and says I cannot complete one work pleasantly, he just requested parathas, I am pointless, he just requested parathas.. Laddo comes there and takes a seat to take salt. Roopa ask back to him. She takes balen and says I made parathas with so much love.. she spins balen around and it hits Laddo on his head he falls and passes on spot. Roopa races to him and asks what was the deal? it is safe to say that you are fine? Laddo awakens and says how could you hit me with balen? I am your significant other.. Roopa turns and sees Laddo’s body lying on floor yet his spirit conversing with her. The