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Belan Wali Bahu 18th January 2018 Written Episode

Belan Wali Bahu 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Laddo’s family comes to waterway to pour Laddo’s kalash there. They all attempt to take a seat for pooja however cleric says we can do it while standing. Dada says let us take a seat and do pooja pleasantly. All attempt to take a seat, dada puts Laddo’s kalash on ground (kalash was swapped by fear based oppressors and it has bomb now). Laddo’s apparition comes there and says dont do this pooja Roopa, I dont need to get free from the world, Roopa says you need to comprehend, this is critical. Lata says whom you are conversing with? she says nobody. Cleric begins pooja, dada says do Roopa’s laddo’s pooja. Roopa tragically takes a gander at Laddo’s phantom, he supposes she will send me away, it’s not possible for anyone to spare me now.

Fear based oppressors are leaving with Laddo’s kalash, they hear gold bangles

commotion from inside, they open it and discovers gold bangles inside, one psychological oppressor says we should keep them, other fear monger says no it must kalash of some mother and her bangles, I cannot give her spirit a chance to meander around this world, I dont have mother so I will give this kalash back, they backpedal to waterway.

Stylist takes a gander at his phony kalash and says I should transform it with Laddo’s kalash which has gold bangles. Minister does pooja and says its completed, he approaches Dada to state a few words for Laddo. Dada says Laddo used to deal with everybody. Laddo’s phantom takes a seat and tune in. Dada says he was constantly useful however he was continually scowling and it looked he worked in dairy animals waste industrial facility yet he had pleasant heart. Minister says enough, let others talk. Ramnath says nobody resembled Laddo, he was not the same as others, he used to rest in my pajama, I used to wash it however he used to wear it now, now I have my pajama. Jitendra says individuals used to influence Ravan’s face to like Laddo’s face yet for us, Laddo resembled Ram. Laddo’s apparition says to Roopa that are adulating me or having some good times. Shalini says I can see Laddo’s phantom, I will take selfie with him, Laddo’s apparition says she is a liar. Shalini says he cleared out with bats. Hairdresser quietly comes there, he sees kalash there.. Suzzi says RIP to him, Lata says I didnt talk in regards to him so he wont get peace, he was plump similar to laddo in adolescence and ended up noticeably consumed laddo when he got youthful. Laddo’s apparition sees hairdresser evolving kalash, he says to Roopa that I will come, he clears out. Dada requests that Roopa talk up. Roopa says what to state, Lata says Nirupa would have said to such an extent. Roopa reviews how Laddo dependably said she had something less, he was perpetually discontent with her, how he said she has less brains, less certainty, less intelligence. She says when he was with me, I didnt get him and when he cleared out us, he didnt abandon me. Hairdresser brings kalash thinking its Laddo’s kalash yet its bomb kalash, Laddo’s apparition says you did such a decent thing for me. Hairdresser says I needed to take Laddo’s kalash as there are gold bangles in it, he wont be liberated from world at this point. Laddo’s apparition says nobody needs to leave this world.

Fear based oppressors have Laddo’s genuine kalash, they abandon it in pooja of Laddo.

Hair stylist opens kalash supposing its Laddo’s and discovers bomb inside, he says these individuals needed to impact here? He sees police not releasing cleric’s significant other and mother close waterway and says they need to have kalash. Hair stylist sees it, he says her better half’s kalash is here, he requests that her take it, police alright and takes off. Minister’s better half inquires as to why he offered it to them? Stylist lies that its unfilled, I simply needed to help you, he clears out. Cleric spouse’s says I need to discover minister Belan Wali Bahu 18 January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laddo’s apparition says to Roopa that now I understand I should leave this world, you will do marriage once more? she says what refuse? Cleric says you think my pooja is refuse? she says I am not conversing with you. Laddo’s apparition supposes you will be stunned when I dont leave the world even after kalash goes in stream. Minister says now we will place kalash in waterway. Minister discovers two kalashs there (one is Laddo’s genuine kalash and one is hair stylist’s phony one). Minister’s significant other comes there and yells at cleric that exclusive 15 minutes are staying for silver screen, end this pooja now and accompany me. Ramnath says this is our child’s last pooja, let it end. Lata yells minister wont go anyplace. Minister’s better half yells he will accompany me. She tosses bomb kalash. Ramnath says how could you affront kalash. He takes it and discovers clock inside. He says this kalash have clock, Dada says it will end in 5minutes. Host says that we have data that psychological militants left bomb here so dont hold anything abnormal. Ramnath says this kalash have bomb, they all attempt to offer it to each other. Commentator says we must know one kalash have bomb so all should discard kalash. All individuals begin discarding kalashes, Ramnath discards bomb kalash, he impacts in air and all faces turns dark. Dada says where did Laddo’s kalash go? Jitendra says I tossed it in water. Dada says not from our hands but rather Laddo’s spirit got peace and got free from the world. They all swing to take off. Laddo’s apparition remaining close waterway and says no witness or evidence can demonstrate that Roopa murdered me. Roopa comes there and says will you not get back home? He says you can see me? be that as it may, my kalash is in water and I am getting liberated from world? Roopa says no you are not, I didnt let them toss your kalash in waterway, she demonstrates to him his kalash which she covered up in her saree palllu. Laddo is dazed.

Roopa says to inspector that I have killed my husband, I have killed my husband with balen. Laddo’s ghost is happy. Inspector says you have to bring that murdering weapon balen.
Roopa comes to a competition and finds her balen there, she recognizes it as she tied sacred thread on it. She tries to take it but host says if you want this balen then you have to come tomorrow and take part in competition.
Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that I will bring that balen back at any cost. Laddo’s ghost says what?